Individual Insurance

Reliable. Personable. Fast.

Individual Insurance

Reliable. Personable. Fast.

Individual Insurance

Individual Medical

This insurance provides the ideal medical coverage that guarantees the necessary medical care in terms of accommodation, treatment and medical tests in hospitals and medical centres. 

Individual Life

Life insurance is a financial contract between an insurer and their insurance company. It’s purpose is to provide financial security for the insurer’s family and beneficiaries at the event of their death. Premium payments are collected from the insurer for decades- making the process gradual, but no less significant.
Because there are many factors which come into play, much at stake, and many options to choose: a broker is an asset in making the most informed and beneficial decisions for you and your family.


Home Insurance

Property and Casualty insurance protects your home and properties from unforeseeable circumstances which could result in financial strain. Choosing the right policy will protect your interests when it comes to both unintentional damage (fire and weather) and liability.

Person Rolling Suitcase in Airport

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance provides short term coverage while traveling outside your home country to cover emergency medical expenses, cancellations, COVID 19 and many other benefits. 


Comprehensive Car Insurance

Car and vehicle insurance is crucial in protecting you from accident liability and covers the costs of collisions, damage, and theft. There are various insurance agencies with numerous coverage plans available, and picking the best one for you is essential for your safety and peace of mind.


TPL Car Insurance 

Third Party Liability car insurance is mandatory in Kuwait for all cars against accidents or bodily injury and damages caused to third party vehicles and pedestrians.

Retirement Plan 

You’ve earned your retirement, so spend it with peace of mind. Retirement Insurance Policies are a fundamental way for any individual to secure their future finances. In case of sudden death before retirement, the insurance company will take what’s been collected and ensure it reaches the beneficiaries. 

Educational Plan 

Education is a priceless investment. The cost of higher education is rising all around the world, and so is the importance of obtaining a degree. It’s important to plan ahead. Education Insurance accrues a fund that will be given to your child once they are over 18 and enters University, covering their tuition costs in full and securing their future.