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Reliable. Personable. Fast.

Corporate Insurance

Reliable. Personable. Fast.

Corporate Insurance

Fire and Allied Perils 

An integral part of buying and owning property is having the right insurance. This policy goes further than damages and losses caused by fires. It also covers unforeseeable circumstances such as explosions, floods, earthquakes, lightning, riots, aircraft damage, and malicious activity.


Property All Risk & BI

Property and Casualty insurance protects your home and properties from risks and unforeseen circumstances that may lead to financial losses. Choosing the right policy will protect your interests when it comes to fire, theft, water leakage, floods, business interruption (loss of profits),and many other coverages.

Public Liability 

Public Liability also known as Third Party Liability (TPL) and Legal Liability insurance is an integral part of running a business, no matter how small it may start out as. This policy covers the cost of injuries or damages caused by the business against the surrounding individuals or properties.

Fire and allied parils
property all risk
Public Liability


The loss or damage of equipment can have an immediate negative impact on any business. This policy covers the cost of fixing or replacing necessary equipment.


The loss or damage of equipment can have an immediate negative impact on any business. This policy covers the cost of fixing or replacing necessary equipment.



The warehouse inventory contents, fixtures and building itself can be covered by a proper insurance policy tailored according to your scope of work.    

Deterioration of Stock (DOS)

Handling inventory comes with risks, especially when it has to be refrigerated. This policy provides coverage over any damages and losses caused to inventory due to a change in temperature.

Political Violence 

Political Violence Insurance protects the insured against business interruption and financial losses caused by political instability. This includes unforeseeable circumstances such as riots, strikes, and terrorist acts.

Political Violence

Group Life Insurance

This insurance provides financial protection in the event of death, total or partial disability, and occupational diseases, whether as a result of natural causes or accidents 24/7  around the world, including workmen`s compensation coverage with accordance to the Kuwaiti Labour Law. This type of insurance also provides protection from the negligence of the employer, which may legally entail him in the event that any of his employees are injured during work.

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Group Medical

Any company can obtain Group Medical Insurance for their employees which covers all medical cases across assorted private medical service centers. 

Workman's Compensation

WC covers the employees and laborers against accidental bodily injury, disability or death whilst duty in accordance to the Kuwait Labor Law. 

Workman's compensation


One of the most important factors to consider when buying or leasing an aircraft is the insurance plan. Aviation Insurance, also called Aircraft Insurance, is a policy that protects the insured from the financial risk and liabilities involved in aviation. It can cover the cost of accidental damages to property and passenger liability.


Commercial Crimes

Crime can happen in any business, big or small, so it is important to have the right arrangements and coverage. Extensive policies will cover employee dishonesty, fraud, theft, forgery, and other crimes which can pose a threat against businesses.

Commercial Crimes

Marine Cargos & Hull

Transportation of goods is a lengthy and intricate process, and one that requires a comprehensive insurance policy. The right policy will both cover the vehicle and the loss/damages of goods that are transported.

Special Risks

Special Risk Insurance provides coverage for individuals and businesses who face out-of-the-ordinary risks which aren’t fully covered under other policies.

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